OCR 010: Texas Round Table.

If you support Open Carry in Texas and listen to only one episode of only one podcast between now and the next legislative session then you then Episode 10 of the Open Carry Report should be it.  OCR #10 is over one and a half hours of discussion about what needs to be done to legalize open carry.  The secret to an OCR round table is that the guests and the discussion decide what is actually discussed.  The guests in alphabetical order were Alice Tripp From the TSRA, Charles Cotton who works with her and runs the Texas CHL forum, and C.J. Grisham the president and founder of Open Carry Texas.

The discussion focused on if the open carrying of long guns was hurting legislative efforts or if it was helping matters. Open Carry Texas, along with other groups, has used long gun open carry to push the issue of handgun open carry into the spot light. Without their efforts I doubt we would be where we are now. Legislators and candidates are asking Alice Tripp if she can stop the long gun OC due to pressure they are receiving from voters on the issue, and with elections coming up they are really concerned about anything that voters pressure them on. Alice has responded to the legislators that it’s not her people doing the long gun OC but they are exercising their first amendment rights to protest.

We come away from this episode with the knowledge that TSRA will be supporting Open Carry this session and will more than likely put forward a bill itself. In fact it was the TSRA and NRA that asked for the interim hearing on Open Carry. There is no one in Texas politics that can pass or kill firearms legislation like the TSRA. In the past TSRA has not pushed an Open Carry bill because they were not ready. They have testified and spoken in favor of open carry in the past but it was never their bill. The 2015 legislative session is our best chance to pass some form of Open Carry. To be honest we need to do it now and we need to realize that after 2015 we might not have the power to do it again while we should have the power to reform and improve it once we have it. Essentially we need to dig the well, even if we don’t have time to drink our fill right now because we can always come back to the well for a drink once we have it.

After this episode the Open Carry Report Podcast will be moving to a new release schedule.  Round table shows will be streamed live on Thursdays and episodes will be released on Sundays.


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  1. You attack OCT with vigor and must learn that it has to stop. OCT is the only chance we have to pass OC this year. The nrtsra and others will do everything they can to kill oc because they think it will kill cc and that is their goal to have an elitist money making tool that they can use to deny rights to people like cj who were railroaded and forced to givee up something that is supposedly protected by the constitution. you are just an nrtsra shill and will find that we are stonger and will do more than you can imagine. so remember that OCT is the new force in Texas politics and know your place. You attacked CJ for doing oc in oklahoma, you attacked OCT because you didn’t like the trailers name, you attacked OCT because your nra masters didn’t like the truth about them and cc being made public, so whats your next attack nra b****?

    • I edited your comment for language. I have not attacked OCT yet, but after the attacks on myself and this podcast that OCT posted in response to me asking for evidence of their claims the gloves are off. I do not care one way or the other about GOA, they are an NRA attack tool but a very ineffective one. I absolutely do not like NAGR because they exist as an attack tool of Dudley Brown and are known to steal credit, attack allies, and help the anti-gun control people. Both groups claim to be no-compromise but they are compromised from the start. The attacks on myself and the alliance with NAGR has made me decide that it is time to move OCT from the don’t care position to the don’t like position. Regarding my “next” attack, let me explain that asking for proof is not an attack, calling someone out on the carpet for giving the opposition ammo is not an attack, saying that OCT Assault Trailer is a bad choice to name a trailer from a PR point of view is not an attack, and to be completely clear not falling into lock step and being a yes man to CJ is not an attack.

    • Peek-A-Boo I still see your IP Address. Either you really are part of OCT and your extremely stupid or your just simply stupid. I am banning the IP. This is post #4 from this IP address and most claim OCT membership.

  2. I love the podcast, The fact that you are doing the youtube videos is awesome. I saw what you did to the Youtube channel and I love it. When can I expect to see any youtube exclusive material?

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